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Register with Ricabu, Send in Referrals, Get Paid
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Broker/Agent Affiliate Benefits

Become an Affiliate and sign up agents through your affiliate relationship with Ricabu. You will receive the referrals from agents you sign up and become eligible to receive referral leads from our entire affiliate network.

The Benefits of becoming a Ricabu Broker Affiliate

All the Agents you bring to Ricabu, Stay in your "Virtual Office", meaning all the leads they enter into the system, go back directly to you. You get all the benefits of a Referral Company, without the headache of paperwork associated with reporting these agents, and paying the referral fees to the referring agent. Ricabu will handle all the paperwork, including the 1099 at year end.
Being a part of the Ricabu broker network will also get you powerful social and search engine marketing links and mentions. Use our affiliate links to drive traffic to us, and we in turn link to your site
All this and more, for a low $199 annual fee! And your Annnual membership will be waived if you manage at least one transaction in the calendar year. Compare that to what you may be already spending for a referral company (or what you may be missing by not having one).
Become a Ricabu Affiliate Today!